This wood fired pizza oven is made from adobe/cob. A main component is a 55 gallon barrel that acts as the oven. I like how the hinges are placed just right so it is gravity that keeps it closed. I have video of cob ovens, but this is definitely not a cob oven. Even though it is an oven and it looks like it is made of cob. This design keeps the smoke and fire seperate from the pizza.

Alexia Allen of Hawthorn Farm in Woodinville, Washington, has cooked many pizzas in this wood fired oven. And she says that she almost always starts the fire with a bow drill. Alexia has worked for many years as a wilderness skills instructor, so bow drill fire making is something she has not only practiced many times, but taught to hundreds.

For the bow drill fire making part of this video I have tried to not edit any of it out. I was amazed at how she could get a fire going so fast!

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